Visualising Forgetfulness 

Brief: Collect data about an aspect of your daily routine which is unfamiliar to you. Analyse the data and then communicate your findings beyond the obvious, engage with the audience, as well as having a unique and innovative approach to data visualization. 

I decided to look into the act of forgetfulness which we all as humans are susceptible to. I designed a way finding system to communicate in a more experiential way, where the user follows a complex and seemingly pointless path, to understand what forgetfulness really feels like.

Through a path I created around my campus, I aim to visualise the often unexplained act of forgetfulness. My path aims to visualise the act of visiting a place/room, and forgetting why you went there in the first place.

I concluded that we are more forgetful on certain days of the week than others. To show this variation, my visualization path varies in length and complexity to give the user a greater or lesser sense of forgetfulness by the end point.